ManuTech Xchange

A 3-day intensive learning platform covering over 30 sessions on the latest industry trends and manufacturing technological solutions to equip your business with competitive advantage. 

Seize the opportunity to meet and connect with our industry experts through this learning platform!

Date :  25 - 27 October 2017
Time :  11am - 5.00pm 
Venue :  Hall 4A, Singapore EXPO

Key Highlights: 

Covering topics focusing on the latest trends and innovative solutions and technologies that leads to the Future of Manufacturing
Panel Discussion "Supply Chain Dialogue – Challenges in Innovation Adoption"
Date : 26 October 2017
Time : 2.00pm - 4.25pm
Symposia / Summary of Topic Covered :

Logistics and supply chain industry is in the midst of a digital disruption, with  new technology  and tools promising to add efficiency and enhance accuracy.  But for companies that fail to ride  the wave of digital supply chain disruption,  the results can be catastrophic. Eventually, legacy  systems and processes will  be obsolete, and clinging to those traditional methods will ultimately  allow your competitors to capture more market share.

The dialogue will discuss the following challenges faced by the industry:

  • How would new technologies impact the industry?
  • What are the major challenges involved in innovation adoption?
  • Manpower and skills development will need to be re-calibrated to meet the advanced technologies need. How is the industry coping with this area of skills training and development? 
What you will be learning :
  1. Impact of new logistics and supply chain technologies
  2. Disruptive supply chain and logistics solutions
  3. Manpower and skills training propositions

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