3D Metalforge Pte Ltd BOOTH E20  

Singapore Pavilion 

    Full range of in-house metal printing services from design and engineering, through material advisory, diagnostics and testing to printing and post production.

    Industry standard, cost-effective additive manufacturing solutions made possible by cutting-edge printers and in-house design and engineering talents.

    Singapore Pavilion 

    3M™ Novec™ Electronic Grade Coatings

    A better alternative to traditional conformal coatings to protect against corrosion, or a screen coating that makes a device look and feels as great as it performs.

    3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluids

    When creating coatings, cleaners and lubricants, whether it's a new formulation or if you are replacing nPB , TCEs, HFCs and HCFCs, 3M push performance higher so your customers see better results.

    SIngapore Pavilion

    Thermo FIsher Niton XL5 Handheld XRF

    The Niton XL5 analyzer is part of the industry leading Niton family of handheld XRF products. When versatility, LOD and high sample throughput are critical, industries rely on Niton XL5 handheld XRF analyzer. Offering unmatched speed, performance and portability, Niton XL5 analyzer is built to conquer your most demanding applications.

    Ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing tanks - POLY Line

    Our POLY ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing tanks are rugged and reliable units for industrial component cleaning. Featured with the latest in-house technology, units can be provided with SINGLE, DUAL and MIX frequency technology.
    1. oil separator
    2. separate chambers for cleaning and rinsing 
    3. overflow pocket and flow regulation

    Singapore Pavilion

    Singapore Pavilion


    SRP-FPV220 is a Advantech Solution Ready Package (SRP) for MES Data Charting and Analysis for Production Optimization. This solution allow shop-floor information visualization and mobile production monitoring with dashboards. It is easily integrated with MES systems via open APIs. Visit us at Booth F29 for more information.


    SRP-FMS230 is a Advantech Factory Monitoring & Security Solution - Empowered by Intelligent Video Analysis. This solution allow visualized monitoring and security solution and is expandable for diverse application scenarios. It has unlimited integration via Advantech Software, WebAccess/Cloud. Visit us at Booth F29 for more information.

    Singapore Pavilion

    FlexSim Simulation Software

    FlexSim is a world top discrete simulation software that is also continuous and agent based. It models and analyzes all operations with high level visualization and VR. It is Industry 4.0 ready.

    Advent2 Labs provides all pre and post sales support and carry out simulation consultation projects for different industries.

    Double-E Work Analysis

    Double-E is a Video Time Study and Motion Analysis software that establish standard time through collecting time study data through a video clip or International Pre-determined Time Study data such as MODAPT. Though which operation could establish capacity, time balancing index, standard operation procedure and others.

    A*STAR is Singapore’s lead public R&D agency, spearheading economic oriented research for scientific discovery and innovative technology. Consult A*STAR to find out more information on productivity solutions and technologies for the industry!

    Singapore Pavilion

    Honeywell CK3X Handheld Computer

    Extending the popular ergonomic design of the CK3 model, the CK3X mobile computer takes the best and makes it even better, giving you the power to put accuracy and productivity in the hands of workers with a mobile solution that offers easy deployment and fast return on investment.

    Godex AG2000 Applicator

    The Godex AG2000 label applicator has been developed to automatically apply self-adhesive labels onto products with flat surfaces and of identical shape being forwarded on a conveyor. It is able to apply labels on either the top side or the right side of the product.

    Singapore Pavilion 


    The Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 software suite that will allow you to collect, combine, analyse, report and act on production data.

      Balluff Asia Pte Ltd  BOOTH F17 

    Singapore Pavilion 



    IO-Link from Balluff comprises sensors and Fieldbus technology with an extremely wide range of functional principles. With Fieldbus systems like Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet-IP, and EtherCAT, we speak IO-Link in all areas.

    BIS Industrial RFID Systems

    Our BIS Industrial RFID systems help you get a handle on the stream of information in a modern factory. Objects can be automatically identified and traced using RFID.

    Singapore Pavilion 

    Companion by Minitab

    A comprehensive platform for managing your continuous improvement program. Companion’s full power comes from the seamless integration of project tools and dashboard for real-time reporting.


    Minitab Statistical Software​

    The leading statistical software for quality improvement worldwide. Thousands of distinguished organizations use Minitab, including American Express, General Electric, Microsoft, Nike, and Toyota Motor.

      CCS Asia Pte Ltd BOOTH F32 

    Singapore Pavilion 

    High Power Strobe Light PF

    The High Power Strobe Light PF series is effective for high-speed inspection system. With shortened exposure time and high power emission, quality images are not compromised for speed.

    Photometric Stereo Method

    Computational lighting by use of photometric stereo method gives you an option to enhance the visibility of defects by composing a few images into one.

    Singapore Pavilion


    Automatic post wire bond / die inspection tool, latest improvement to view defect.


    Universal Wafer sorter  Tool for handling thin & thick  wafers  with Interleaf & Coinstack & cassette media

      Contineo Media Pte Ltd BOOTH D28  

    Control Engineering Asia

    Control Engineering Asia, published by Contineo Media, is a comprehensive information source – in print and on the web – that readers in the region look to in order to get and stay on track with developments in the fast moving world of industrial automation technology

      Creatz3D Pte Ltd BOOTH A02  

    Singapore Pavilion

    The Stratasys F123 Series

    The Stratasys F123 Series is easy to operate and maintain for all levels of experience. And, it's adept at every prototyping stage, from concept verification to design validation to functional performance.

    The Stratasys F170, F270 and F370, support a broad range of capabilities and budgets for every stage of prototyping.

      Dabton Pte Ltd BOOTH A29  

    Singapore Pavilion

    Unitech Mobile Computers, rugged hanndheld, Tablets & Barcode
    Unitech products bring value to customers throughout various industries, suchas logistics, healthcare, retails, warehousing, manufacturing, transportation and field services.

    Singapore Pavilion


    3DEXPERIENCE® PLATFORM is a business experience platform software solutions for every organization in your company – from marketing to sales to engineering – that help you, in your value creation process, to create differentiating consumer experiences based on 3D design, analysis, simulation, and intelligence software in a collaborative, interactive environment.


    DELMIA®, POWERED BY THE 3DEXPERIENCE® PLATFORM is a Global Industrial Operations Software that efficiently plans, manages and optimizes your global industrial operations.

      Dematic SEA Pte Ltd BOOTH F18  

    Voice Solutions
    Voice solutions use innovative technology and software that directs warehouse operators to certain storage locations and tells them what to pick and where to put it.

    Vehicle Mount Computers
    Vehicle mount computers are ideal for industrial applications in which the user spends most of their time on a forklift or other type of mobile equipment. They maximise worker productivity and task accuracy and streamline operations throughout the warehouse and production environment.

    Intelligent lockers designed to effectively manage all handling assets. Huge productivity improvements and loss reductions.

    Singapore Pavilion

    Spindle repair service

    Repair, rebuild, refurbish and recondition

    • CNC drill spindles, fine boring, CNC lathe spindles, milling spindles and PCB spindles

    • ID and OD grinding, cylindrical grinding, centerless grinding spindles

    • High frequency, high speed spindle, belt driven, gear driven, inline and integral machine spindles

    • Service contracts with 24/7 support

    • Promote strategic business and technology partnerships among European and Singapore companies
    • Organize brokerage and trade events to promote European-Singapore partners
    • Support incoming European mission delegates to find Singapore partners
    • Publish Singapore companies’ profiles into EEN database
    • Organise seminars and events to create awareness of EEN among the business community
    • Matching Singapore companies’ proposal with the opportunities in the Partnering Opportunity Database
    Singapore Pavilion


    EXPRESSO‘s mobile lifting aids provide individual handling solutions that are matched precisely to your goods, the location, the operator, and the specific handling task. Customized load handling attachment in the shape of forks, roller platform, hook attachments, and grippers permit ergonomic loading of machines, shelves, pallets, roller tables.


    Thanks to the touch2move drive technology, logistics operations are optimized, and transporting heavy goods is not only more efficient, but also significantly safer. Simply by touching the sensor handles, the vehicle “obeys” the operator‘s natural movements, and automatically adapts to his/her walking speed.

    Singapore Pavilion

    Mobile Industrial Robots (MIR)

    Mobile Industrial Robot is a leading manufacturer of collaborative mobile robots (CMR). Our autonomous robots are a new generation of advance mobile robots which give you a rapid return on investments, often with a payback period of less than a year.

    Singapore Pavilion

    Trotec Speedy 

    Trotec Speedy is the fastest and most productive flatbed laser machines in the market. By processing at maximum speed of 3.55m/s and accerleration of 5g, the Speedy is designed to increase your production efficiency. 

    Finmark FL Compact 

    The Finmark FL Compact delivers high standards of quality marking and performance. This desktop size laser marking machine is able to perform high precision making on a spectrum of materials. 

    Singapore Pavilion

    GS1 Singapore is part of the not-for-profit Global Standards 1 (GS1) organisation based in Belgium, Brussels with offices in 115 countries and is affiliated to the Singapore Manufacturing Federation.

    GS1 Singapore has close to 2,000 member companies across multiple sectors and is working with organisations and public agencies such as SPRING Singapore, iDA, CUSTOMS, HSA and e2i to promote and drive adoption of standards, in turn helping Singapore companies improve their competitiveness and operational efficiencies.

    GS1 Standards leverage on technology tools such as RFID, Barcoding, Electronic Data Interchange (eDI) to facilitate interoperability and provide structure to many industries and sectors.

    Singapore Pavilion

    Industrial Packaging Solutions

    • To provide good project management for customers in End-of-Line Automatic Packing Machineries Integration
    • To provide customer with right solutions for their transport and load securing needs.
    • Able to source and provide cost efficient and effective packing materials to customers.
    • Able to provide sales and service support with well-trained engineering and service team.


    • Sales, Install and Commission Automatic Cartoning and Case Packing Line with Conveying system.

      Hitachi Asia Ltd BOOTH F33  

    Singapore Pavilion

    Smart IoT Solutions

    Hitachi’s Smart IoT Solutions are customized to fit the unique needs of individual organisations. Digitally transform your business and find out how you can effectively optimise your operations with Hitachi’s Smart IoT Solutions.

    Singapore Pavilion


    Turnkey, high UPH, atmospheric (no vacuum chamber) surface treatment system. Capable of flat or complex parts processing via island or flow-through configurations. Highly adaptable to complementary processes e.g. co2-plasma, co2-laser, centrifugal liquid co2 immersion, etc. Class 100 cleanroom compatible design.er Systems.

    GENESYS™ and PowerSno™ VP CO2 Composite Spray

    A surface treatment process integration tool which can be incorporated into any manufacturing tool, production line and processes, to provide in-situ dry cleaning and surface modification. For the user, this translates into significant reduction in manufacturing waste and increase in production yield.

      Hiwin Singapore Pte Ltd BOOTH B02  

    Singapore Pavilion

    Hiwin AC Servo Motor

    Hiwin AC Servo Motor range from 50W to 5kW, with or without EtherCAT communication; together with Hiwin Single Axis Robot, Hiwin offer a reliable and complete solution for motion control requirements.

    Hiwin Multi-axis Robot

    Hiwin Multi-axis Robot includes 6axis, Scara, Delta, Wafer robot with varies choice which suitable for different industry; together with other motion control solution products, Hiwin offers the most comprehensive solution for manufacturing requirements.

      I Switch Pte Ltd BOOTH D17  

    One Month FREE Electricity!

    iSwitch is offering an exclusive privilege for Manufacturing Solution Expo: by signing up for a 12 month contract you can receive the last month’s bill FREE! With attractive value plans, the best payment terms and a customer-first policy it makes it easy to decide to switch.


    Epilog Laser Series

    Epilog strives to provide the best of what's most important to our users - image quality, speed, reliability, and ease of use. By utilizing only the highest-quality components, Epilog Laser systems are known worldwide for their reliability and performance, which translates into less down time and more profits for you.


    IDI Laser series

    IDI Laser Services Pte Ltd, established in 1999,is the leading integrator and producer of Laser Systems in South East Asia.IDI has been able to keep abreast with new trends and developments in the emerging and rapidly growing Laser Industry. We customize lasers and are quick to respond to customer’s needs.



    RoboAsia is the first and only Asia robotics magazine featuring industry news, updates and insights from the exciting world of robotics. With smart robotics taking the forefront of science, engineering and technology, RoboAsia is poised to be the market-leading publication with extensive coverage on the trends and developments of robotics.

    The evolving digital landscape is redefining the way we live, work and play. The rapid digitalisation brings forth much opportunities to SMEs. With the increasing sophistication of digital solutions, coupled with the rapid pace of change, it is now timely for a bigger push to help SMEs transform digitally.

    SMEs Go Digital Programme supports SMEs in the use of digital technology and enable SMEs with adequate digital capabilities to achieve internal efficiencies, cost reductions, and better service offerings for sustained growth in the digital economy.

    For more information please visit, www.imda.gov.sg/SMEsGoDigital.

      Inlinias Co., Ltd. BOOTH C08  

      Innogreen Solution Pte Ltd BOOTH A31  

    Singapore Pavilion

    Singapore Pavilion


    Machine Vision Software & Solutions

    WIZER  is an all-in-one vision software product to build up your machine vision applications quickly without any programming. It provides users with access to comprehensive libraries of tools and functions that can be quickly set up and deployed across a wide range of industries and applications including: 

    • Pattern and Part Finding
    • Barcode and Matrix code Reading
    • Optical Character Reading/Verification
    • Alignment and Edge Detection
    • Measurement            
    • Color Verification    
    • Object Counting and more

    VizCam’s Machine Vision Solution For Your Manufacturing Needs

      Singapore Pavilion 


    Invengo’s XC-RF868 (the first member of the Kangxi family) is an industry leading, high powered RAIN RFID reading device, richly featured to provide a state of the art solution in enterprise level applications. With Linux Quad Core Processor and HDMI video, coupled with blazing read speed, unique antenna connectivity, and optional plug and play expansion capabilities, the XC-RF868 offers unprecedented performance to address industry wide solutions including Retail, Manufacturing and Healthcare.

    XC-AT388 RFID Bluetooth Reader

    The new Invengo XC-AT388 RFID Bluetooth reader is a powerful ARM7 Core device and excellent RFID reading capabilities. With RAIN RFID (UHF) and 1D or 2D barcode capabilities it is ideally suited to seamlessly connect to your Android Smartphone or Tablet. It’s rugged IP65 protection makes it suitable to multiple applications and markets.

      I-O & YT Pte Ltd BOOTH C34  

    Singapore Pavilion

    We provide our clients with all round operational and administrative solutions and services in the production of electrical/electronic related devices and equipment. From sourcing of materials, customising and assembly to delivering. 

    In collaboration with our other long-term strategic partners in Asia, we provide high-technology devices and industrial related equipment and serves diverse market sectors consisting of multinational customers and contractors in the following industries: LCD, LED, computer peripherals, electronics and semiconductors, high-performance cabling, etc.

      IP ValueLab Pte Ltd BOOTH D14  

    Intangible Asset Audit

    Uncover your intangible assets for business success with the Intangible Asset Audit. By identifying any risks and gaps in managing them, you can strengthen and protect your most valuable assets. 

    Intangible Asset Strategy and Management

    Exploit the value of your ideas and innovations through Intangible Asset Strategy and Management. Create a strong competitive edge with IP strategies that supercharge your business growth and expansion opportunities.  


    i-Park@Senai Airport City

    1 ½ Storey Detached Factory (approx. 1 acre/above)

    Land area            : Approx. 42,514.56 sq.ft. – 103,939.44 sq.ft.
    Gross Floor area     : Approx. 30,745 sq.ft. – 74,216 sq.ft.

    i-Park@Senai Airport City

    1 ½ Storey Semi-Detached Factory

    Land area            : Approx. 18,674.51 sq.ft. – 21,440.29 sq.ft.
    Gross Floor area     : Approx. 12,073 sq.ft. – 12,391 sq.ft.

    Singapore Pavilion 

    Autofocus Technology - MicroFourThirds

    EXO Tracer features an MFT (Micro Four Thirds) bayonet, which means that it can be used with a wide variety of high-quality lenses. MFT lenses provide high-quality optics and are very competitively priced. They are ideally suited for the sensor size of 1.1” in terms of the optical beam path, thus guaranteeing a perfect image with this sensor. The camera supplies the lens with power and controls all its functions such as the aperture, zoom, and focus. This is done natively via by the camera via GenIcam Properties. With an average focusing time of under 30 ms, many of these lenses can be used for fast cycle times on a conveyor belt.

    Autofocus Technology - Focus Tunable Lens (Electrically Actuated)

    Optotune's electrical lenses are current controlled. There are several options for current drivers ranging from regular lab power supplies to tiny VCM driver ICs. The electrical signal is controlled via an industrial driver with high repeatability and precision in mind. Applications include but not limited to Laser Projection, Machine Vision, Ophthalmology,  Laser Processing, Microscopy and etc.

    MU3 Deflektometer

    In today’s world, specular surface challenges 3D measurement technology. Based on Phase Measuring Deflectometry, MU3’s specular-surface inspection system is able to achieve nanometer precision. MU3 technology enables automated optical inspection (AOI) applications for glass, metal, wafer and mirror-like surfaces.

      JTC Corporation BOOTH D20  

    JTC Surface Engineering Hub

    A multi-tenanted development designed for seamless operations, JTC Surface Engineering Hub co-locates players from the surface engineering value chain with general manufacturers under one roof, providing opportunities for collaboration and shared expertise. The development also features a centralised wastewater treatment plant that helps industrialists reduce capital and operating costs.

    JTC Space @ Tuas Biomedical Park

    Strategically located at the epicentre of Tuas Biomedical Park (TBP), the 8-storey JTC Space @ TBP caters to MNCs and SMEs which require manufacturing space, as well as companies providing supporting services such as maintenance and repair of equipment. The development's shared facilities and amenities bring convenience to the community.

    Singapore Pavilion

      Singapore Pavilion


    Dual Arm Robotic Application

    The “duAro” Dual-arm SCARA Robot by Kawasaki Robotics: A Brand-new Offering that Realizes the Concept of an Innovative Dual-arm SCARA Robot. New concept of robotic application which the robot is able to perform task along side with human. It is safe, affordable and deployable solution industries should look for.

    Singapore Pavilion


    Having problems with your overseas shipment because of Pallets issues? Getting your cargoes inspected by custom due to quality issues with the shipment pallets like : heat-treatment and fumigation, pests invasion, worm holes. We have the solutions for your problems, thus allowing you peace of mind shipping your cargoes.

    Singapore Pavilion

    Sales, Rental and service of Material Handling Equipment.

    Automation Solution

    Loftware Spectrum®

    The first all-in-one solution designed to address the most complex labeling requirements via a completely browser-based interface that offers unlimited flexibility, reliability for today’s global supply chains.

    Loftware Print Server (LPS)

    Thousands of companies use the Loftware Print Server (LPS) to manage and process mission-critical barcode labels, RFID smart labels, and documents, assuring continuous high-availability, high-volume label production in any environment.

    Times Business Directory of Singapore

    Times Business Directory of Singapore (Buku Merah) is an annual directory that provides u8p-to-date and comprehensive profiles of more than 9,000 key companies, including Singapore 1,000 and SME 1,000 companies. It is a recognised as a premier reference directory for companies who whish to expand on existing business contacts.

    Directory of Certified Companies in Singapore

    The directory is a comprehensive directory of companies certified to the highly acclaimed ISO standards of certification and many other internationally recognised standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO/IEC 27001, OHSAS 18001, HACCP, etc. This certifications provide international attestation to the quality of the companies certified.

    NS Mark Accreditation Scheme

    The NS Mark is a national-level accreditation scheme that recognises businesses that have pledged support for NS or may have implemented policies and Human Resource practices that support NS and TD. Find out more, and be accredited with the NS Mark today!

    Total Defence Awards (TDA) 

    The national-level Total Defence Awards (TDA) honours businesses that recognise the interdependence of business success and a safe and secure environment, and have established support for National Service (NS) and Total Defence (TD) as an integral part of their sustainable business practices. Find out how your company can implement such sustainable business practices, position your company as an Employer of Choice, and be recognised for it too!

      MPDV Asia Pte Ltd BOOTH E14 

    Singapore Pavilion 


    HYDRA-8 is the new generation of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) which incorporates multiple new functions which are easy to use and adaptable to new requirements. The new and modern layout of the GUI allows a quick access to important information.

    Singapore Pavilion

      High performance contamination control technology.

      99.9% of Foot and Wheel-borne contamination is prevented by Dycem.

      • Automotive/Aerospace
      • Biomedical
      • Electronics
      • Food Hygiene
      • Hospital / Healthcare
      • IT / Datacentre
      • Optical
      • Pharmaceutical
        Nanyang Polytechnic BOOTH B30 

      Automation & Robotics Innovation Centre (ARIC)

      Co-innovate with SIs/OEMs on robotics and automation platforms, test-bed innovative solutions and capabilities development.

      Centre of Innovation for Electronics & IoT (CoI-EIoT)

      Value-create with enterprises on electronics and IoT solutions through strategic innovation and capabilities development.

      Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre (AMIC)

      Value-create and co-innovate with enterprises on additive manufacturing processes and solutions.

      Centre for Digital & Precision Engineering (CDPE)

      Value-create with enterprises in core technologies: product design, digital manufacturing, FEM, nano-metrology, advanced CAM & multi-axis machining and smart manufacturing.

      Singapore Pavilion

      A.I. Visual Inspection

      NEC A.I. Solution - Visual Inspection supports an automation of product inspection with A.I. technology.
      Our machine learning technology makes it possible to implement the automation of sensory work which was originally hard to be implemented with pattern recognition technology.

      Singapore Pavilion

      Cognex In-Sight Smart Camera

      The In-Sight 7000 is a full-featured, powerful vision system that performs fast, accurate inspections of a wide range of parts across all industries. Its compact footprint easily fits into space-constrained production lines and the unique, modular design is highly field-customizable to your application requirements.

      Flexmove & Dorner Conveyor System

      Flexmove & Dorner is a leading conveyor manufacturer, provide a wide range of flexible solutions for industrial, packaging, and sanitary conveyor automation needs.  From highly configurable standard conveyors to custom conveying solutions, you’ll find the right fit for your line with Flexmove & Dorner

      Print Apply Linerplus Advanced 4.0

      The Linerplus Advanced 4.0 is a state of the art print apply, extraordinarily versatile, complete with all kinds of accessories and able to satisfy every possible application need. Customization speed and liner maximum width depending on print module installed. System built on a solid anodized aluminium alloy plate, with all the components protected by the rear 61 Shore hardness light polymer shell. A safe and most robust machine, designed to last over time. Large diameter(360mm) reel for long duration and paper path rollers numbered for quick loading. The system is configured for integration with Sato or Zebra print module.

         Ngee Ann Polytechnic BOOTH C19 

      LED Signage system

      A fully customizable LED display panel that can be scaled to any size, shape and configured using multiple processors. This panel offers the flexibility of programming the content and display and thus can be used for any type of information dissemination.

      Autonomous Transporter

      This is a track robot with 2D mapping and autonomous navigation capabilities developed using the RoS Bot V2.0  platform. This track robot is suitable for deployment for surveillance duty, delivery of parcel, towing of trolley, etc.


      Telebot is a humanoid telepresence robot that is able to mimic human actions. This service robot has already made its impact felt in the social arena by bridging the distance gap between the elderly and their caregivers. It can be customized to be used in various industries.

      Duct Inspection and Surveillance Robot

      A mobile robot which is able to perform vertical and horizontal maneuver. It can be used for surveillance or inspection of the air duct through an IP camera. The Omni-directional movement enables the robot to reach every space inside the air duct or any narrow, dark inlet.

      E- chain

      Like a physical link-chain securing an asset to an anchor, E-Chain uses the wireless IEEE 802.15.4 technology to track items. This smart device can be used to track and monitor the movement of items.

      Singapore Pavilion

      SNAP™ DM200 – Large FOV measurement

      SNAP DM200 offers extended measuring range and dual optical magnification for large and small feature measurement. Auto-ID recognises all parts within its viewing area – even multiple different parts and regardless of part orientation.

      SmartScope® Flash CNC 300 – dimensonal inspection

      It is a high capacity multisensor dimensional measuring system that fits on a benchtop. It offers precision and versatility in handling your quality inspection combining with our metrology software.

      Singapore Pavilion

      Combilift C-Series

      The Combilift C-Series have a range of mast options with lift heights up to 9m and lift capacities up to 25,000kg. The C-Series can work in guided aisles as narrow as 210cm. 



      The Aisle-Master articulated forklift operates within 1.6m aisle width. By using one truck, users can increase productivity and eliminate time-consuming double handling and speed up "truck to rack" operations. 

      Pedestrian Reach Stacker

      The only pedestrian reach stacker which can work in an aisle width of 2m pallet to pallet. A 4-way option is available upon request.

      Plastic Pallet

      It is suitable for all general industry, cost saving for storage, stackable, and racking.


      Various function available, like solid crate, perforated crate and folding crate.

      ODM & OEM Service

      We are capable of developing new products so as to meet client requirement.

        Quasi-s Pte Ltd BOOTH C26  

      SEM, EDX, XPS

      Hitachi offers advanced electron microscopes ,SEM & VP-SEM, FE-SEM,TEM STEM, and Tabletop Microscopes.Sample preparation systems, including ion-milling and sample cleaners. BRUKER Micro-XRF is for the elemental analysis of non-homogeneous/irregularly shaped samples as well as small samples or even inclusions. Thermo Scientific provides surface analysis system.


      KVM-over-IP switches provide secure BIOS-level remote access of servers and network devices in server room, labs, branch offices and data centers.  Centralized server management for access and control IT infrastructure.

      Rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs), Inline Meters, and Transfer Switches

      Emphasis on reliable power distribution, power metering, and remote management. Helps to better manage existing power capacity and save energy.

      SATO understands that real-time visibility of goods is critical from receipt of materials to delivery of finished goods. As such, its range of solutions including tagging goods with RFID smart labels and other AIDC solutions help companies save time, improve productivity and achieve greater overall process visibility. SATO and A*STAR SIMTech, RFID/Barcode Inventory Tracking System bundle. The bundle includes all necessary software and hardware, after Spring and PIC funding @ S$ 3,200. (Subject to approval)

       Ltd Singapore Pavilion 

      Techman Robot

      TM 5 Cobot with Built-in intelligent vision system. The perfect integration of the vision system with the hardware & software equipment.


      Gripping, Positioning, Robotic  & Customize System/Solution.

      Singapore Pavilion


      S500 is SESTO Robotics' largest payload in class with a robust platform that carries loads up to 500 kilograms. Its higher payload allows each SESTO AGV to carry more items per trip, making it highly efficient.


      S-AGV with SCARA

      The S-AGV with SCARA is a special class of AGV equipped with a 4-axis robotic arm that can pick, place and transport materials autonomously. Supported by SESTO SWARM Enterprise software system, the AGV is able to work in unison with other SESTO AGVs and smart devices. The AGV is also compatible with various third-party manufacturing execution systems, making integration into companies’ current work processes easy.

        Shping BOOTH D24  

      Shping Security

      • Shping Security provides your brand with everything needed to protect your products all the way through the supply chain.
      • Manage product recalls effectively - and with minimal brand damage.
      • Protect your brand and consumers from counterfeiting.
      • Identify and prevent grey or parallel imports.

      Shping Marketing & Shping App

      • Connect with consumers via the Shping app.
      • Attach detailed information, certifications and rich content to your barcodes.
      • Activate Shping Bots that act as your alI product specialist.
      • Tap into Shping’s unique loyalty program to reward customers for interacting with your products.
      • Access analytics on customer buying habits and profilesShping makes shopping simpler - and rewards you just for using it.
      • Scan any product barcode using the Shping app to learn what’s in it, where it’s from and if it’s authentic.
      • Read reviews - and add your own.
      • Earn points for scanning, adding new products to our database, inviting your friends and more! Redeem points as cash, products or charity donations.

      wfMOBILE ™ - mobile workflow

      A cost-effective platform for creating multiple user-configurable business /operational process workflows which operates on mobile devices.

      Item Management & Tracking System (IMTS)

      A RFID/barcode-based system to manage, track and audit assets for traceability and productivity.

      Inventory Tracking System (ITS)

      A plug & play and affordable RFID/Barcode-based system for managing and tracking of inventory and assets.

      Collection, Delivery Management System (CDMS)

      A real-time solution that is cost effective, self-learning, easy-to-use and maintain based on latest Cloud, Mobile Apps and Auto ID technology for the collection and delivery of your physical items and services.

      e-Beacon Tracker

      Bluetooth beacons to enable location-based targeted tracking or marketing to improve sales and customer service or productivity.

      Electronic Data Logging

      Using Android devices to capture data & generate reports, eliminating manual entry and errors.

      OEE Monitoring System

      Integrated software to provide real-time machine status and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to maximise machine utilisation

      Maintenance Management System (MMS)

      System to help companies to digitise and manage their activities from preventive maintenance, ad-hoc repairs, spares checking to report generation

      Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

      A manufacturing operations management (MOM) solution from production planning, raw material, mobile shop floor tracking, and delivery order generation.

      Inventory Planning Program

      A tool to help companies in inventory planning and policy development for proper inventory level control to minimise cost.

      Manpower Scheduling System (MSS)

      A tool to help planners in shift scheduling and manpower allocation to minimise labour cost, satisfy orders and comply with employment regulations.

      Trade Association Services

      SMF collaborates with local and overseas partners, to provide key services including representation of members’ views in formal dialogues with the authorities; increasing business opportunities through local and international trade fairs and missions; building capabilities through conferences, seminars, workshops and other industry-specific programmes; and transforming businesses with business model innovation.

      3G GPS Trackers

      Skyfy Technology GPS Tracker has been updated with the latest version of (VTS 22 – Vehicle Tracking System) that is more compact, build-in internal battery and more plugins so as to support and maximize the various functions and features.

      Subsequently with the new addition of VTS 12, of the latest model with built in antenna for more accurate signal and location reading, that will be replacing the above VTS 22 in due time.

      Teltonika FM3622 (VTS 22) to track the vehicles 24 x 7, vehicle location, address,  Engine  On/Off.

      Teltonika FM3612 (VTS 12) to track the vehicles 24 x 7, vehicle location, address,  Engine  On/Off.

      With the addition of A-Track GPS device (VTS 7), which would allow picture taking, together with the A-Track Camera, it will provide better security and prevent or deter drivers from driving recklessly. This would protect both the drivers and vehicles as well and notify the owner with supporting images when the rules are breached.

      ATrack AK7 (VTS 7) to track the vehicles 24x7, internal battery, vehicle location, address Engine On/Off, Connection to Camera 5650 for picture taking and send to portal when event rules are breached.

      ATrack Cam 5650 In-­‐Car Video Camera/Recorder

      RS232 interface, JPEG compression engine to snapshot and transmit JPEG picture. Automatically take photos by user define events, CMOS camera is a 0.3 mega pixel. Can be attached to the ATrack device. Standard resolution 640*480

      VTS 100 EdgeCam

      A gps tracking device equipped with a two-way camera for video recording and image taking. Providing a two-in-one solutions whereby there is no need to have two separate devices as the functions are integrated into a single device.

      Singapore Pavilion


      “ProTagtion” is the latest weapon in combatting counterfeit products. What makes our solution unique is that it combines the most advanced anti-counterfeit features for paper documents and money with the latest in IOT technology. It addresses the key concerns of both the manufacturer and the consumer.

      Video GPS Track and Trace Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System Version 7 (IVMSv7)

      Easy to use and deploy, the IVMSv7 is a powerful fleet management software tool that provides real–time video and GPS information for time and motion study to increase productivity and lower operating costs.

        SME Centre@SMF BOOTH B14  

      Business Advisory Service

      Supported by SPRING Singapore, SME Centre@SMF services including business diagnosis, information on government schemes and capability workshops.

      Singapore Pavilion 

      Bukit Batok Connection is a clean & light Industrial development that is strategically located in the heart of Bukit Batok. This single 9-storey block offers a wide range of unit sizes and layouts with high ceiling. Every unit comes with exclusive parking lots for direct loading. In addition, the ramp-up factory allows 20-footer container access to all levels with great convenience. These efficient concepts boost both productivity and smooth operations within premise . This purpose-built development offers both detached and semi-detached factories for heavy engineering, supporting the oil & gas and marine industries as well as the petrochemical and energy sectors. The strikingly functional layouts feature wide production spaces that span 20-30m and ceilings that rise as high as 12m, with well-organised office spaces tucked away on the second storey. There is even ample headroom for tenants to deploy overhead cranes up to 5 tonnes in capacity.

        SPH Digital  BOOTH E29  

      SPH Digital Division plans to launch a B2B cross-border e-commerce marketplace which will complement physical trade exhibitions by providing extended online functionalities for our exhibitors. With your participation, your company will be able to extend marketing exposure beyond the trade exhibition and potentially reach out to Southeast Asia and china. In addition, the SPH e-commerce platform aims to provide financing facilities to merchants for better cashflow management. 

      Ready-To-Go (RTG) Solutions under Tech Depot

      Tech Depot is a centralised platform under the SME Portal aimed at improving SMEs' access to technology and digital solutions. Over 30 technology solutions that are designed for a wide range of industries and business functions are currently featured at Tech Depot. These include solutions that are developed and identified by A*STAR, IMDA and SPRING Singapore.

      Smart Management Tracking System

      Tunity specialises in the tracking of personnel, asset, file and library material with the use of RFID technologies.

      3D-Scan Visualiser

      What can our handheld 3D scanner do? Scan object or interior space of interest within seconds. Obtain highly accurate measurements and dimensions. Generate 2D and 3D modelling floorplans. Create real time 3D visualsayion for an immersive virtual reailty experience instantly. Automate quantity takeoff for faster processing of quotation to clients.


      FITPRISE EMS (Enterprise Management System) is a business process automation and a tracking software system.  FITPRISE EMS is especially designed to fit and streamline SMEs manufacturing operations processes, from quotation and order management to production process monitoring and delivery fulfilment. 

      Companies are able to decide which operation processes to focus on and expand to other processes thereafter. FITPRISE helps SMEs realise maximum benefits and productivity savings with minimum investment, especially in today’s challenging economic environment.

      Singapore Pavilion

      AutoBag Packing Machines

      AutoBag Packing Machines are a cost effective and efficient solution for automatic packaging. The machines' user-friendly interface, as well as an efficient packing and sealing system, offers a simple and fuss-free experience. The smooth process will ensure operations run at peak performance.

      SpotBot / Impact Loggers

      SpotBot is a standalone device that delivers tri-axial impact, temperature monitoring and tracking through cellular connectivity, enabling it to communicate even without line of sight to a satellite. Through the SpotSee web based platform, you can access your data in the cloud from any web-based device.

      SCA Membership

      Connect with like-minded supply chain professionals from all over the world, gain access to exclusive industry events, and stay up-to-date with our in-depth news coverage of the latest happenings in the supply chain sector. Enroll now for instant membership and enjoy exclusive members-only benefits.

      Singapore Pavilion

      Synergix E1

      Uniquely developed to fit manufacturing operations, Synrgix E1 is able to help you execute with planning to fulfill customers' requirement and order. Offering you an integrated manufacturing software, giving real-time visibility from order management to material procurement status, multi-processes production status and production quality control.

      1) Facilitate mutual understanding between Taiwan and Singapore businesses;
      2) Promote trade and investment relations between Taiwan and Singapore businesses;
      3) Share information about tradeshow, investment opportunity, OTOP (One Town One Products), Taiwan Excellence

        Takeiki Pte Ltd BOOTH B08  

      Singapore Pavilion


      Since our  founding in  1935,  HIOKI  has  been involved  in  the  development ,  manufacture and sale of electrical  measuring  instruments.

      Today, we  are  proud  to  offer  more  than  200 models in 4 product  groups  as we  continue  to evolve in response to our customers’ constantly changing needs.


      Contrinex is a global manufacturer of inductive and photoelectric sensors, RFID and safety light curtains. A technology leader in the field of intelligent sensing and identification solutions for factory automation, including the harshest operating conditions and most extreme space limitations.

      Contrinex is leading in position sensors for Industry 4.0 applications.

        Thinky Corporation BOOTH D18  

      Singapore Pavilion 


      • Rotation and revolution speed allows powerful simultaneous mixing and defoaming
      • Powerful 510 G in defoaming mode
      • Compact: maximum capacity of 310 g
      • Mixing of any material achieved by adjusting RPM


      • Simple solution for nano dispersion
      • Dual-sonic technology (patented)
      • Dispersion while maintaining fiber length
      • Contamination-free dispersion
      • Water temperature control of the ultrasonic bath water

      Singapore Pavilion


      VxWorks®, the industry’s leading real-time operating system, provides a family of products that deliver all the scalability, safety, security, and virtualization capabilities you need to meet today’s development challenges for building intelligent, connected systems.


      A-Safe are the inventors and manufacturers of fixed polymer safety barriers - the smart, modern, cost-effective solution
      for barrier protection in the industrial workplace. The safety barriers are made from Memaplex that has built-in memory
      and flexibility that allows it to absorb, dissipate and reform from impacts.


      As one of the top players in the world of intralogistical solutions, EP Equipment focuses on developing and manufacturing
      highly innovative warehouse trucks and selling them at reasonable price levels to meeting all daily materials handling
      operational needs.

        TYT Corporation Pte Ltd BOOTH E02 

      Singapore Pavilion 

      Hänel Rotomat® Industrial Storage Carousel

      The Hänel Rotomat® Industrial Storage Carousel – ASRS, makes use of the available room height and creates up to 60% more storage capacity.

      Original Flexible Safety Barrier System

      The Original Flexible Safety Barrier System made from polymer. Helps to reduce workplace accidents and protect valuable assets for warehouse and material handling.

      Singapore Pavilion


      UCT is leading the way in implementing the additive manufacturing industry. We also use 3D printing in our production processes to accelerate manufacturing of key components and enable virtual warehousing. We understand the value in producing complex items that are difficult to make reliably using traditional manufacturing methods.

      Products & Services:

      - Engineering Services

      - Virtual Warehousing

      - Metal AM Manufacturing

      - Plastic AM Manufacturing

      - Post Process Services

        ViewQwest Pte Ltd BOOTH D29  

      Singapore Pavilion

      Managed Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

      ViewQwest’s newly launched Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) service connects enterprise networks through latest technology to disrupt existing MPLS solutions. With built-in WAN optimisation, visibility and Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) features, SD-WAN converges multiple appliances into a single device and delivers MPLS-grade performance with significant cost savings.

      Connectivity – Business Fibre Broadband

      ViewQwest provides ultra-fast, high performance fibre broadband services that is built on an ultra-low latency network, guaranteeing lowest latencies for operational efficiency and optimisation. With dedicated, round the clock technical support, we are committed to providing our business customers quality and excellent customer support. 


      VP700 prints professional colour labels on-demand at any quantity fast and cost-effectively.  It is an excellent choice for high-mix, medium-volume Build-to-Order production.  Suitable for in-house and private labelling.

      Colibri Vision and Flow

      Colibri is a supply chain management tool specialised in the management of sales forecasting and the planning of distribution and replenishment. 100% collaborative and hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, Colibri can be implemented quickly and at small costs. Different modules and options are available to answer your company requirements.

      DynaSys DSCP

      DynaSys DSCP offers real-time decision tool, letting you view, analyze and simulate supply chain data to support your S&OP process. Combining sophisticated forecast modeling and Collaboration, it’s faster and easier to plan, manage and control global supply chains, optimizing supply chain performance from raw materials to the end customer.

      Singapore Pavilion

      Pixel-Shift Cameras
      Up to 700 mega pixels super high resolution Machine Vision Area Scan Cameras.

      VS-VM Series & VS-L12035 Series

      Singapore Pavilion

      Gshine Welltech Corp.

      A strategic partner of Wahlee Tech Singapore is the first licensed operator in Taiwan to recycle & remanufacture green plastics from biohazardous medical wastes. Using our patented processes and equipment, we are proud to introduce our M.W.R (Medical waste recycling) technology.

      Gshine Welltech Group provides one-stop solutions on M.W.R:

      • Plant Design, System Planning and Construction
      • Equipment Design
      • Waste Management
      • Operational Management
      • Green Plastics Sales & Marketing

      Tower light & Beacon

      Optical and audible signal devices. Namely the Signal towers, signal beacons, buzzers, horns, and sirens that warn & protect People, Property & Process in today emphasis of Workplace safety.

      Innovation Wireless Tower Light System

      “The WIN System” is the innovation utilising a signal device, wireless technology and an ingenious software package to offers low-cost simple solutions for Lean Processes.

      ANDON System

      AndonSPEED optimises your processes at packaging and shipping stations - because AndonSPEED provides a visual notification of where problems have arisen. Permanent time savings are possible because of quick fault repairs. The wireless network sends signals to the workstation or the central control station and can send an email notification if required.

      High-Performance Tooling Foam

      Proudly produced from the heart of XPAC's Technology Packaging Centre, high-quality tooling foam aims to provide a customized solution. This sophisticated process includes designing through advanced CAD and CAM software. Stream-lined cutting with industry's advanced CNC machines with thermo-bonding technology of materials are embedded with ISO based quality assurance.

        YES Media CO., Ltd BOOTH B18  


      Vietnam Manufacturers Directory. The first edition was published in January 2009. This directory distributed for free in Vietnam and some countries in Asian. The contents are Vietnam manufacturers database detail information at all Vietnam City.

      Today Exhibitions Magazine

      Today Exhibitions Magazine (TEM) focus on the latest update of Asia industry excisions, expo and conferences, which covers venue from 60 cities among 20 countries. Though TEM you have easy access to information on excisions news, topic, date, location, organizers and venues as well as contact information.

      Online registration is now available.