Track & Trace Pavilion

With the expansion of the global trade industry, the demand and importance for product traceability has increase drastically. This is because traceability provides the ability to identify and track a product from its point of origin all the way to the end of the supply chain – the better the product traceability, the higher the reliability and trust.

Achieving start-to-end product traceability requires unique identification in all levels of packaging. This is where standards & relevant solutions come into the picture.

Onsite Showcase: Visit our pavilion to learn about traceability standards, technologies and complete track and trace solutions to meet your supply chain needs!

Participating Solution Partners

GS1 Singapore Limited is part of the not-for-profit Global Standards 1 (GS1) organisation based in Belgium, Brussels with offices in 115 countries and is affiliated to the Singapore Manufacturing Federation.

GS1 Singapore has close to 2,000 member companies across multiple sectors and is working with organisations and public agencies such as SPRING Singapore, iDA, CUSTOMS, HSA and e2i to promote and drive adoption of standards, in turn helping Singapore companies improve their competitiveness and operational efficiencies.

GS1 Standards leverage on technology tools such as RFID, Barcoding, Electronic Data Interchange (eDI) to facilitate interoperability and provide structure to many industries and sectors.

Loftware Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is the global market leader in Enterprise Labeling Solutions with software that integrates with SAP®, Oracle® and other applications, helping customers meet evolving requirements while optimizing supply chain efficiency.


  • Loftware Spectrum®

The first all-in-one solution designed to address the most complex labeling requirements via a completely browser-based interface that offers unlimited flexibility, reliability for today’s global supply chains.

  • Loftware Print Server (LPS)

Thousands of companies use the Loftware Print Server (LPS) to manage and process mission-critical barcode labels, RFID smart labels, and documents, assuring continuous high-availability, high-volume label production in any environment.

SATO Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is a leading global provider of integrated Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) solutions that leverage barcode, QR code, and UHF/HF/PJM RFID technologies. We deliver innovative end-to-end solutions to businesses as a single point responsibility for hardware, consumables, maintenance management, application software, each designed to enhance customer value. 


SATO understands that real-time visibility of goods is critical from receipt of materials to delivery of finished goods. As such, its range of solutions including tagging goods with RFID smart labels and other AIDC solutions help companies save time, improve productivity and achieve greater overall process visibility. SATO and A*STAR SIMTech, RFID/Barcode Inventory Tracking System bundle. The bundle includes all necessary software and hardware, after Spring and PIC funding @ S$ 3,200. (Subject to approval)

Authenticateit has launched ‘Shping’ - a user-friendly app that opens up a whole new world for your consumer engagement. GS1 has been a longstanding partner with Authenticateit - an industry standard, cloud-based serialisation and traceability platform, enabling brands to provide their users with accurate information about product certification, authenticity and place of origin. Building on their existing services, Authenticateit has developed a powerful new ecosystem of products: Shping app, Shping Marketing and Shping Security. Brands will still also be able to tap into Authenticateit’s existing, powerful track and trace solutions which will be offered as part of the Shping platform - Shping Security.


  • Shping Security
    • Shping Security provides your brand with everything needed to protect your products all the way through the supply chain.
    • Manage product recalls effectively - and with minimal brand damage.
    • Protect your brand and consumers from counterfeiting.
      Identify and prevent grey or parallel imports.
  • Shping Marketing & Shping App
    • Connect with consumers via the Shping app.
    • Attach detailed information, certifications and rich content to your barcodes.
    • Activate Shping Bots that act as your alI product specialist.
    • Tap into Shping’s unique loyalty program to reward customers for interacting with your products.
    • Access analytics on customer buying habits and profiles. Shping makes shopping simpler - and rewards you just for using it.
    • Scan any product barcode using the Shping app to learn what’s in it, where it’s from and if it’s authentic.
    • Read reviews - and add your own.
    • Earn points for scanning, adding new products to our database, inviting your friends and more! Redeem points as cash, products or charity donations.

Established in 1998, VIPColor Technologies Pte Ltd engineer, build and sell colour label printers for diverse applications ranging from premium retail goods to durable labels for outdoor and maritime usage.



VP700 prints professional colour labels on-demand at any quantity fast and cost-effectively.  It is an excellent choice for high-mix, medium-volume Build-to-Order production.  Suitable for in-house and private labelling.

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